GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship 2024  *Applications are now closed*

Applying for a Business Master’s or an MBA is an important investment and a GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship is available to support you with your application into your dream business school.  

The 2024 Scholarship program is now open. Gain a unique advantage to help strengthen your future career foundation and business school application.  

The scholarship is open to all, but we strongly encourage applications from women, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, socio-economically diverse, LGBTQ+, and non-binary candidates, because we believe that these groups are typically underrepresented in the business school community.

Ten scholarship applicants will receive each of the following awards, which have a combined total Approximate Retail Value of up to €4,500.

· One (1) voucher for the GMAT exam

· One (1) GMAT Official Practice Exams 3 & 4

· One (1) GMAT preparation program with a GMAT exam instructor

· One (1) 12-month Calm app subscription

· One (1) Fortuna Admissions M7 application course

· One (1) CulturaGo introduction to culture courses (6 courses)

Eligibility criteria

· The awards will be offered to candidates based in Europe considering an application to any GMAT-accepting business school around the globe.

· Candidates do not need to be a European national but must have an up-to-date and legal resident visa in order to qualify.

· Applicants must be applying to business school in the 2025/2026 academic year.

· Applicants must apply as described below and in the Official Rules.

· Please see the Official Rules for any other eligibility criteria not listed

Application tips

  • Prepare your answers to the questions in advance of completing the application form.
  • Be authentic: Share your genuine experience and aspirations, making your application unique and memorable.
  • Address the question: Ensure your answers directly address the prompts.
  • Connect your experience with aspirations: Detail how your past experiences will contribute to a business school environment and define your future business school aspirations.
  • Showcase diversity and growth: Focus on specific moments of personal growth and how your diverse experiences equip you for business school.

We are delighted to work with our sponsors, who will be providing the following prizes:

Admission Consulting

Fortuna admissions dark

GMAT Test Preparation

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