European business schools offering the GMAT Exam based scholarships.

Below is a list of business school scholarships where a GMAT score is part of the eligibility criteria.

Please check the individual business school websites for up-to-date information as elements of specific schemes may have changed since this page was last updated.

Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece 

Candidates with GMAT score equal or over 700, will be granted a partial scholarship of 40% of the total tuition fees for most of the MBA and MSc's Programs.

Candidates with high GMAT below 700 are also eligible for smaller scholarships.

Manchester Merit Scholarships 

Everyone with a GMAT score of over 600 is considered for a merit based scholarship awarded to the most outstanding MBA applicants identified during the admissions process.

GMAT Scholarship for the Amsterdam MBA 

The GMAT scholarship for the Amsterdam MBA is eligible for scores above 630 and provides up to €10,000 for the highest scores. Ask the MBA Admissions Office for the exact breakdown. The GMAT scholarship is available for all Amsterdam MBA candidates.

MIF GMAT-based Waiver 

For the Executive MSc in International Finance (MIF) GMAT scores above 640 are eligible for reductions ranging from €1,000 to €10,000. The waiver applies for candidates for MIF: General track and MIF: Finance and Technology track.

Graduate Merit Awards

Bocconi University is committed to making its superior level of higher education available to  outstanding students. The Merit Award includes a full tuition waiver, worth € 14,000 per year. Academic profiles considered to be amongst the top applicants will be considered for a Merit Award based on the application documents submitted to Bocconi University for admission to our Msc programs. A separate application for scholarship is not required. The Bocconi Merit Award evaluation is primarily based on the candidate’s academic achievement (GPA, GMAT score) together with the personal profile (CV, personal statement).

Bocconi International Awards

The International Award includes a 50% tuition waiver, worth approximately € 6,000 per year. Candidates admitted to the first year of a Master of Science program at Bocconi will be taken into consideration for a Bocconi International Award without the need to fill out a separate application. Scholarship candidates are evaluated on the items sent for admission (GMAT, GPA, Personal Statement, CV) by a joint committee , nominated by the Rector, including the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean for International Affairs.

Women Awards

“Women Awards” aim to redistribute diversity within the Bocconi student body, recognizing academic achievement and the potential of female students interested in continuing their higher education in the area of economics and finance. The Women Awards, consisting of a full tuition waiver, are assigned following the evaluation of  the best profiles (in terms of academic career, GMAT score and work/study experiences abroad) of female students of any citizenship who have applied for admission to the Msc Finance in Bocconi for AY 2020-2021.

Academic Distinction Scholarship

This scholarship awards 50% towards the cost of tuition fees and is open to candidates who have achieved a well balanced GMAT of 700 or above and can demostrate outstanding academic achievement.

To apply for scholarships you must have already taken the GMAT exam and have your score available by the scholarship deadline.

EDHEC Global MBA Scholarships

EDHEC Business School offers a variety of scholarships based on GMAT score results, academic excellence, and distinction. Applicants with an outstanding GMAT score, an excellent GPA, or impressive experience and extracurricular activities can have their tuition fees automatically reduced by 20 to 50 percent.

GMAT Scholarship

Applicants who submit successful GMAT scores will be considered for scholarships to acknowledge their success.

Value: GMAT of 700 or higher - €4,000
               GMAT of 650 to 690 - €2,000          

Diversity Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship of up to €8,000 euros, candidates are required to have a minimum GMAT score of 650. Candidates must demonstrate a clear interest in responsible leadership, sustainable development, and technology, as well as submit an essay describing an event from their professional life where they challenged mainstream thought in a group setting.

ESMT Women's Academic Scholarship

This partial-tuition scholarship of up to €10,000 is available to two female candidates for the Full-time MBA program with an exceptional record of academic excellence and a GMAT score over 650. Candidates must provide their official GMAT scores and should complete the scholarship essay as part of their ESMT online application explaining how they qualify for the scholarship. (this scholarship cannot be combined with the GMAT scholarship)

MBA Scholarships

Academic Excellence Scholarships (Master's) 

The Academic Excellence Scholarship for the Master in Management program is open to all international candidates demonstrating a high quality academic profile including an outstanding GMAT score, strong motivation, etc. and can cover up to 40% of total tuition fees.

Similar scholarships of up to 50% of the total tuition fee are available for all applicants to the Master in Finance, Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics and Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business. Scholarship decisions are made during the application process and no additional application is necessary.


FS Master's Scholarships 

Frankfurt School offers scholarships to top applicants of our pre-experience master programmes:

  • Master of Finance (MSc)
  • Master in Management (MSc)
  • Master in Applied Data Science (MSc)

Selection criteria include candidates’ academic results (grade of first degree), admission test score (e.g. GMAT), performance in the Frankfurt School selection procedure and candidates’ personal achievements and needs (extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience and, if relevant, professional experience, internships). Scholarships cover a partial amount of tuition.

FS MBA Scholarships 

We award scholarships to applicants for the following programmes:

  • Executive MBA
  • MBA in International Healthcare Management
  • Part-time MBA
  • Full-time MBA

Scholarships cover a partial amount of tuition for the respective programme.

Selection criteria includes the candidates’ academic results, admission test/GMAT results, application quality, personal achievements and needs. This includes extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience, professional experience.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence

All HEC Paris MBA admitted candidates can apply for this merit-based scholarship (with the exception of those candidates who are sponsored by their company or government for more than 50% of their tuition fees). Being awarded a Scholarship for Excellence does not exclude candidates from applying for other scholarships.

Selection Criteria: Candidates must complete an application through our online system. The Scholarship Jury assesses the candidate’s application. The final decision is based on academic excellence, the overall strength of the application, the results of the selection interviews and the candidate’s GMAT score.

Amount of Award: The amount of the scholarship varies. Applicants can receive scholarships worth up to 50 percent of the HEC Paris MBA’s tuition fees.

GMAT Scholarships


Masters of Science:

The GMAT scholarship available for the MBA and various Master programs offers 20% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 610 and 640, 30% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 650 and 680, 40% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 690 and 720 and 50% tuition reduction for admitted applicants with a GMAT score of 730 or higher.
The GMAT score can be sent after the completion of the application, until the end of the application process (according to the application deadlines).

GMAT Excellence Awards

Imperial College Business School offers significant scholarship funding to our most talented applicants. They offer awards that support diversity, such as MBA scholarships for women, regional scholarships, and the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) fellowship. 

A range of scholarships are available and all self-funded candidates are automatically considered for all scholarship schemes for which they meet the eligibility criteria, entry requirements and application deadlines.

Merit Based Scholarships 

Based on your GMAT score you can count on a percentage reduction on the basic rate of your MBA tuition of €39,000, as follows:

550 - 600: By 10%  |  601- 650: By 15%  |  650 & Above: By 20%

Other achievements will also be considered, particularly if GMAT is not available, such as good study results (GPA) and quality of work experience as well as additional qualifications.

GMAT MBA Scholarships

These merit based scholarships cover up to the full tuition fees for either the Full-Time, Executive or Modular MBA. GMAT score 700 or above required. The MBA GMAT Scholarships will be awarded to academically exceptional students who will be ambassadors for the UCD Smurfit MBA and the School during their studies and after graduation. 

Academic Excellence Scholarship

There are three scholarship categories awarded based on the GMAT score:

  • Score of 600 - 640 awarded scholarship of £2,000 
  • Score of 650 - 700 awarded scholarship of £3,000
  • Score of 700 or over awarded scholarship of £6,000

The scholarships are subject to availability.

GMAT Excellence Scholarship (Master Programmes) 

The GMAT Excellence Scholarship from Vlerick Business School awards a partial scholarships to applicants with an outstanding profile. A GMAT score of 700 or more will give 50% off the tuition fee for Vlerick's master programmes.

Academic Scholarship (MBA Programme) 

The academic scholarship is for candidates with a strong academic record – and a GMAT score of over 680.

WHU MBA Scholarship for Excellent GMAT Result

WHU grants scholarships for excellent GMAT score results and awards are available to all Full-time MBA program applicants. Candidates must submit the respective scholarship application form, their GMAT score report, and a brief essay describing their financial situation. The scholarship is not bound to a certain amount and is awarded based on various criteria.

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