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Accepted by more than 2,100 institutions and universities across the globe, the GMAT™ exam is the most widely used assessment test for graduate-level business school admissions. For students, the GMAT is their proof that they are dedicated and ready to succeed in business school. For schools, the GMAT is an invaluable tool for creating diverse and dynamic classes.

A Precise Assessment that Is Adapted to Test Takers’ Abilities

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test that helps build diverse and successful classes

The GMAT exam is not a paper test where every candidate answers the same questions. Instead, it is computer-adaptive, so questions developed by international experts are selected for each test taker based on their unique abilities. This dynamic format allows schools to better assess which candidates may be the best fit for their programs.

The GMAT evaluates candidates in a number of skills that are especially important for business and management programs. Those skills include:

  • Analytical writing
  • Problem-solving
  • Data sufficiency
  • Logic
  • Critical reasoning

Additionally, an Integrated Reasoning section prepares candidates for a technologically advanced business environment by testing their ability to evaluate information coming from multiple sources and in new formats.

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The GMAT Is a Truly Global Assessment for Business Schools

No matter where it’s taken, the GMAT delivers consistent results

While the GMAT is highly personalized, it is also extremely consistent. The questions may change, but skills are tested with the same level of accuracy at over 600 test centers around the world.  No matter where the test is taken, results are based on the same peer-researched and scientifically proven methods.

If you’re ready to pursue a future in business, the GMAT Success Kit can help you to prepare the GMAT exam. In your Success Kit, you will find an 8-week study guide, study tips, official GMAT questions and answers, and test-taking tips. Think of it as getting a jump start on an exam trusted by 7,000 programs all over the world.